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This project intends to raise awareness of a positive side of anger. This empowering force, together with fear is a powerful human superpower. By using the body's natural ability to produce adrenaline, which as a substance is labelled doping within sports. These tools were developed from the concept of using the idea of provokation from torture, to trigger anger for athletes, that can be used as a form of natural doping.


Would adrenaline produced in your own body still be doping?

This project operate in the territory of ambiguity, between reality and fiction, where questions can be raised. These questions revolve around pressure and demands on athletes, ethics, values and human rights in a perspective larger than this project. What is torture? If it is self inflicted, is it still torture? How far are you willing to go as an athlete?

What is human, if some of the properties of our own nature is not allowed to feel or express? Should it really be necessary to have a tool to entitle you to be angry?

Read more here. If you wish to read the book, send me an email.

Master thesis in Design 2017 at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.


“For supplemental power in long distance sports, the Smell-ya-later Backpack is an optimal solution for extra boost of adrenaline. The small but efficiently designed backpack has a compartment where a substance of odorous character is placed. A high-tech super silent fan move the air from the compartment through a tube to a nozzle placed under the chin.

The Smell-ya-later backpack has an inner detachable compartment made from a thick but flexible material, making it easy to remove for cleaning purposes. Its inside is lined with a repellent material that is easily rinsed under warm water. The fan is disconnectable, by simply turning and lifting it, the inner compartment can be removed.

The back of the Smell-ya-later Backpack is made from soft materials that absorb sweat for optimal comfort. In addition to that, the two straps are ergonomically angled to place it in the right position on the back, and equipped with a locking mechanism to make sure it cannot be removed.”

Warning: May cause nausea, vomiting, increased heart beat, sweating, shaking, increased bowel movement. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.

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smell ya later


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“The Sting Adrenalizer is a product designed for optimal comfort and discomfort simultaneously. The design is inspired by high end music headphones with soft materials where the product meets the skin. A cushioned part that surround the ear, has a noise cancelling function to allow full focus on the sound within the piece. A layer of flexible net fabric create a thin barrier between the insect and your ear, but still allow it to bite or sting.

For comfortable discomfort, the Sting Adrenalizer has two straps which allow the product to sit firmly on the head. Both straps are adjustable to fit all head sizes and are locked together with a locking mechanism to secure it to the head.

The Sting Adrenalizer comes with two options of intensity, of which one is inserted prior to usage. The mosquito is subtle and annoying, building up irritation slowly, while the wasp is louder, more dangerous and is able to generate both fear and anger, for a greater boost of adrenaline.”

Warning: May cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, loss of focus, increased heart beat, sweating, shaking, decreased bowel movement, insanity. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.


“When in need of some extra speed, use the Time Trapper Wristband and it will make you feel like time is slowing down. This product will efficiently and instantly generate adrenaline, to provide the extra boost of energy you need.

The Time Trapper Wristband, which uses technical inspiration from a mouse trap, is placed on the wrist and armed before it is sealed and locked. To prevent tampering with the trap, an unbreakable cover protect the device when it is armed. The sleek wrist band is adjustable to fit all sizes, and is made from a comfortably soft material that absorb all sweat from the skin, so that it stays firmly in place at all times.

To release the adrenaline, simply shake the arm abruptly, and the armed trap will go off, emitting an instant rush of adrenaline in the body.”

Warning: May cause blushing of the skin, bruising, pain, stress, increased heart beat, sweating, numbness in fingers. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.

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dangerous 280427 klocka 1
time trapper


“The discrete E-teaser Tag is less visible, but just as efficiently irritating as the larger products in the Adrenalizer series. It is cleverly hidden on the inside of your clothing making it more difficult to detect when there is a need for secrecy.

The technology of the small E-teaser Tag is simple, it uses mild electric current, lead to a gold cell to transfer a modest electric shock to the skin. Charged by three ultra power cell batteries this device has a life span of up to 72 hours when in use.

With its slim design, the E-teaser Tag is easily attached to the inside of any piece of clothing. It is most efficient when used in semi-tight clothes, preferably between the shoulder blades. For optimal discomfort, the smooth inner cell should touch the skin at all times.

The utilize the full potential of the E-teaser Tag, it needs a minimum of 30 minutes to build up a useful amount of chemicals. The amount of time can above that be customized, to reach a desired effect.”

Warning: May cause blushing of the skin, pain, involuntary muscle contractions, stress, increased heart beat, sweating, numbness. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.

e teaser