The Great Blue Ocean. Big, mysterious and filled with life we’ve just seen small amount of. The ocean is our friend, a source of life, food, wonder, freedom and without a healthy ocean, the life on land will be quite different. For example, ¾ of all the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean and it stores massive amounts of the carbon dioxide we produce. But that’s not something it can do if we don’t take care of it.

The challenges of climate change today shows a need for change in how we produce, manage and consume.

In 2016, the first Passion for Ocean Festival in Oslo was initiated by two ocean enthusiasts, as a celebration to the ocean. Since 2016 Hannah has designed the Festival annually, and designed small side projects for them (for example Findus <3 P4O). P4O became a NGO in 2018 and in 2019 they initiated Take Action for Ocean, a platform with different categories where tips and tricks and information about living a more sustainable life are shared. There are five categories and Hannah is the head of the category Interior.

The category includes everything from buildings to furniture, decor and plants. It’s about the things that define the space around us, how to choose not only to fulfill a purpose of function and please aesthetic demands, but also with sustainability in mind. Our choices should also be about making the smallest possible impact on the environment, about long term thinking and slow consumption.

The objective is no only to raise awareness of the effect our consumption has on the ocean and earth, but also create an understanding and raise the value of the things that already exist. Re-design and up-cycling are ways of enhancing the value of old things and below are examples of new designs through up-cycling and eco-friendly materials. The objects and furniture that has been designed and made by either re-design (tweaked design and rebuildt old furniture) or re-purpose (completely new object where old materials get a new function).

"Taking something old and redesigning it is just as much craft as making something new."

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