“When in need of some extra speed, use the Time Trapper Wristband and it will make you feel like time is slowing down. This product will efficiently and instantly generate adrenaline, to provide the extra boost of energy you need.

The Time Trapper Wristband, which uses technical inspiration from a mouse trap, is placed on the wrist and armed before it is sealed and locked. To prevent tampering with the trap, an unbreakable cover protect the device when it is armed. The sleek wrist band is adjustable to fit all sizes, and is made from a comfortably soft material that absorb all sweat from the skin, so that it stays firmly in place at all times.

To release the adrenaline, simply shake the arm abruptly, and the armed trap will go off, emitting an instant rush of adrenaline in the body.”

Warning: May cause blushing of the skin, bruising, pain, stress, increased heart beat, sweating, numbness in fingers. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.

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