“The Sting Adrenalizer is a product designed for optimal comfort and discomfort simultaneously. The design is inspired by high end music headphones with soft materials where the product meets the skin. A cushioned part that surround the ear, has a noise cancelling function to allow full focus on the sound within the piece. A layer of flexible net fabric create a thin barrier between the insect and your ear, but still allow it to bite or sting.

For comfortable discomfort, the Sting Adrenalizer has two straps which allow the product to sit firmly on the head. Both straps are adjustable to fit all head sizes and are locked together with a locking mechanism to secure it to the head.

The Sting Adrenalizer comes with two options of intensity, of which one is inserted prior to usage. The mosquito is subtle and annoying, building up irritation slowly, while the wasp is louder, more dangerous and is able to generate both fear and anger, for a greater boost of adrenaline.”

Warning: May cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, loss of focus, increased heart beat, sweating, shaking, decreased bowel movement, insanity. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.

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