“For supplemental power in long distance sports, the Smell-ya-later Backpack is an optimal solution for extra boost of adrenaline. The small but efficiently designed backpack has a compartment where a substance of odorous character is placed. A high-tech super silent fan move the air from the compartment through a tube to a nozzle placed under the chin.

The Smell-ya-later backpack has an inner detachable compartment made from a thick but flexible material, making it easy to remove for cleaning purposes. Its inside is lined with a repellent material that is easily rinsed under warm water. The fan is disconnectable, by simply turning and lifting it, the inner compartment can be removed.

The back of the Smell-ya-later Backpack is made from soft materials that absorb sweat for optimal comfort. In addition to that, the two straps are ergonomically angled to place it in the right position on the back, and equipped with a locking mechanism to make sure it cannot be removed.”

Warning: May cause nausea, vomiting, increased heart beat, sweating, shaking, increased bowel movement. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.

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