“The discrete E-teaser Tag is less visible, but just as efficiently irritating as the larger products in the Adrenalizer series. It is cleverly hidden on the inside of your clothing making it more difficult to detect when there is a need for secrecy.

The technology of the small E-teaser Tag is simple, it uses mild electric current, lead to a gold cell to transfer a modest electric shock to the skin. Charged by three ultra power cell batteries this device has a life span of up to 72 hours when in use.

With its slim design, the E-teaser Tag is easily attached to the inside of any piece of clothing. It is most efficient when used in semi-tight clothes, preferably between the shoulder blades. For optimal discomfort, the smooth inner cell should touch the skin at all times.

The utilize the full potential of the E-teaser Tag, it needs a minimum of 30 minutes to build up a useful amount of chemicals. The amount of time can above that be customized, to reach a desired effect.”

Warning: May cause blushing of the skin, pain, involuntary muscle contractions, stress, increased heart beat, sweating, numbness. Do not use unless supervised by a doctor.

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