Hannah is a designer with a background in Arts & Craft, starting her education with industrial design in high school, moving on to art school at St Sigfrieds folk school and later Design Bachelor and Master in Design at  the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, specializing within the field of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design.

Her specialisation is furniture, where she develop site specific pieces that are combining design thinking and craftsmanship, developing techniques and creating new designs..

"I believe that the intriguing thing about design today, is that it is not restricted by the problems of the world, but that it seeks new ways, and create new paths. Being a designer that has a connection with Arts & Crafts, an exciting aspect is that you through design can work with complex issues, not just to provide solutions, but to raise awareness and generate other paths of thought in the observer.

Design is power."


Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2012-2015

Master Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2015-2017


Brandl Design & Architecture Trainee Interior Architect 2013-2017

Freelance Designer 2013->

Passion for Ocean Event Designer, leader Interior 2016->

Grundfeldt Interior Architect, Designer, Carpentor 2017->

Falke Svatun studio, Furniture Designer Intern 2018->


A World Beneath at "SpotOn" Stockholm Light & Furniture Fair 2014

PLAY at "Herfra", DogA Oslo, Best young talent 2016

Dangerous at "You're not to", Milan 2018, and  Oslo 2018

foto: Gitte Paulsbo

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