"Taking something old and redesigning it is just as much craft as making something new."


We need to redefine what gives value to objects, We have to slow down. Think. Make plans. Resist impulses. We consume more than ever and the way we consume is as if there are unlimited resources and that what we throw away magically disappear. To reduce this speed, think twice and make better, more sustainable choices is what we have to do. There are things we can do for the environment and many who work to make sustainable choices easier.


RE:LIVING is a part of an initiative Take Action for Ocean, in the category Interior by the environmental organisation Passion for Ocean. It's a brand with objects and furniture that has been designed and made by either re-design (tweaked design and rebuildt old furniture) or re-purpose (completely new object where old materials get a new function).


The objects are for sale, remember that they all are hand crafted and unique so no object is exactly the same as the other. If you need help redesigning something of your own, RE:Living can help with ideas, materials, tips, tricks and contacts to professionals who can realize the project for you if you wish. Just make contact and we'll see where it leads!



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